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Practical & Affordable Life Saving Features

Life Saver Pool Safety Fence is built in the U.S. to exceed the highest construction standards. That means that you can count on superior craftsmanship and the highest level of safety of any pool safety fence on the market. 

Unique Features and Quality Construction

Life Saver Child Safety Pool Fencing of New York, New Jersey provides Authorized Factory experts that can walk you through the wide variety of color and configuration options, every pool safety fence features our superior construction materials and patented safety systems.
  • Textilene® mesh provides years of use in all weather conditions with a strength rating of 387 lbs per square inch.
  • QuadStitch bordering, created with strongest marine thread, reinforces essential sections of the pool safety fence.
  • Triple-Reinforced Solid Poles exceed all local safety requirements
  • Self-Closing, Self-Latching gate options provide added security
  • Tension-based supports provide superior stability on every Life Saver Pool Safety Fence
  • Round-head fasteners and rounded edges mean there are no sharp edges
  • UV Resistant components protect your pool safety fence from sun damage

Lasts For Generations

Life Saver Pool Fence is a removable mesh pool fence designed specifically to provide a safety barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers and young children. The pool fence is installed in sections to provide convenience for easy removal and re-installation by you, the homeowner. Available in 42, 48, or 60 inch heights. 

Our tension based system utilizes a series of 15 foot sections of pool fence with inserts for mounting in non-conducting polypropylene sleeves core drilled 4 inches deep into a concrete deck or other substantial surface, connected in series at the top with 2 1/2 inch nickel-plated brass safety latches with stainless springs. The pool fence can be installed in almost any type of deck. 

Factory Trained & Authorized Dealer-installers

We are a factory trained & authorized safety poolfence dealer-installer for Life Saver Poolfence serving all of New York / New Jersey. We're the poolfencing professionals. Installation of removable, childproof tension based mesh, pool, baby fencing has been proven as one of the most reliable ways to prevent accidents and protect children. For over thirty years in tens of thousands of backyards with pools throughout New Jersey and New York, it has proven to be among the safest, most secure  and convenient layers of protection against the dangers 
swimming pools can pose to a toddler or young children. And conveniently, it can serve as a temporary or permanent fence with which to enclose the pool and prevent access and then easily remove when necessary.  

Fast Expert Installation!

All across New York and New Jersey our experienced installers are providing peace of mind to pool owners with children or grandchildren and helping them to isolate the pool and guard against drowning. Life Saver Pool Fences and gates are of the finest quality and with every install we offer a lifetime warranty. Our company prides itself on it's professional reputation. 

A Lifetime Of Safety & Convenience

In addition to providing a strong, secure, fenced pool isolation barrier between your child & the water, with 96% visibility through our near-transparent mesh, you can retain the beauty of your
swimming pool, pond, waterfalls, spa,  and landscaping while still providing a safe, effective layer of protection against accidental pool drowning for both in-ground and above ground pools. 

Colors: Black, White, Green, Tan, and  Brown

Call for a free estimate in NJ and NY. We are local and would be happy to come to your home and display samples of our safety fencing enclosure, pictures of previously installed jobs and consult with and advise you on how best to keep your kids safe and protected by preventing unauthorized entry into the pool area. Call for a free  in home consultation and estimate.

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Don't wait!

Studies show that an unprotected pool is more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun left on your coffee table (Freakanomics, 2005). How long would you let that gun sit out in your home? Every moment that your pool remains without a fence is dangerous. Don't wait. Request more information today on making your pool safe.

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Safety Partner

Life Saver Pool Fence has the great honor of being the only pool fence company selected to partner with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Pool Safely campaign as a Pool Safety Leader. Visit for life saving education.